Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trollied Tuesday: Festive Cheer

By now many of you will be feeling sated, bloated and generally over-indulged. Some of us will still be working away when everyone else is over-indulging (NB: I am not fishing for for sympathy here, I don't mind it in the slightest - albeit I would rather like to balance it out by idling throughly when everyone else is hard at it).

Whatever your circumstances, at this time of year there is a greater than normal need for a proper pick-me-up. Here's one I have shamelessly lifted from Kingsley Amis's invaluable Everyday Drinking. It has an even more illustrious literary pedigree - it is, Amis claims, Evelyn Waugh's own noonday reviver.

What you do is the following:

Pour a strong shot of gin into a pewter pint pot. (The pewter improves the taste, maybe, it certainly improves the sensation of drinking the thing - the combination of coolness and solidity is important).

Add a half pint of Guinness.

Top up to the brim with ginger ale.

Try one of these on New Year's Day. You will no longer mourn the passing of time, nor lament the waste and indulgence of the past. What better way to greet a new decade?

PS: Amis's own warning bears repeating. "I should think two doses is the limit."

PPS: If anyone wishes to try this with Foreign Extra Guinness (the strong stuff they make for the Nigerian market, I can hardly stop you. Do let me know what it's like.)

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