Thursday, January 14, 2010

A playground spat

For the new year, a new hero. He is the, as yet, unnamed 12-year-old neighbour of Giles Coren. Coren, 40, has been driven to this young fellow who has, thanks to the help of his parents, has been tormenting the Times hack with a constant onslaught of tedious, repetitious banging – finally giving him some insight into the effect his columns have on so many of us.

Anyhow, after this promising start one hopes this young fellow will not be deterred by any slight unpleasantness that may ensue. To this end may I urge all readers of this blog to dig deep and send the boy more instruments; whistles, gongs, flugelhorns, kazoos – anything loud and irritating. In World Cup year a vuvuzela would be perfect. Thousands of Times readers are counting on you.

Note: left over instruments will be dispatched to Tanya Gold's neighbours.

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