Sunday, February 07, 2010

Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge, and other classics of the genre

More journalism, this time an appreciation (for want of a better term) of ambiguous newspaper headlines.

Strangely the Times (unlike its New York namesake) omits my favourite. It's from the Second World War and read: "Eighth Army Push Bottles Up Germans". (Often quoted in the even better form of "British Push Bottles Up German Rear"). It may even have the merit of being genuine.

There are lists of this sort of thing floating around on the internet. One would like to think that classics of the genre such as "Prostitutes Appeal To Pope" or "Reagan Wins On Budget, But More Lies Ahead" are genuine. Certainly I recall a local newspaper (can't remember which one) reporting the case of a person who stole a minibus after a night in the pub with the headline "Man, 23, Took Bus Home".

Of course, I would never admit to having produced anything like that myself. But I have managed to prevent classics such as "Sinn Féin Councillor 'Had Links To IRA'" and "Drivers To Feel Ring Sting From Tunnel Toll" making it in to print. I had to fight very hard to fight the urge to turn a blind eye for the sheer devilment of the thing.

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