Thursday, February 04, 2010

Turn on, tune in and throw up

I know that many of you turn to this blog for invaluable advice on love and romance, so allow me to suggest the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day this year.

Smuggle up on the sofa with your significant other and enjoy an hour-long special featuring Piers Morgan chatting to Gordon Brown. It is bound to change your relationship for good.


As an aside, there was a nice line in the last series of The Thick Of It when Malcolm Tucker was told (more or less) "You've gone from being someone people love to hate to someone people just hate. You've gone from being Simon Cowell to being Piers Morgan".

A harsh, but accurate assessment of the straits into which Gordon Brown has lead his party. (And the weary acquiesance which many show towards Cowell's continued existence neatly prefigures that shown towards David Cameron's progress towards Number 10).

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