Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Question of the day

Via one of Roy Greenslade's stand-ins: Why on earth would any newspaper, especially a tabloid, be interested in mystery involving the police being called to the house of a major Tory donor after being contacted by an escort girl who claimed she had been cheated and assaulted?

Perhaps I am being a little unfair to Stephen Brooks, and he is merely expressing his disappointment that there is not a proper, full-on Tory sleaze story here. Perhaps.

If we are to have a Tory government - which I strongly suspect we will - one does at least hope for a better class of scandal than Labour has managed. Complicated tax affairs don't really cut it. Although the old rule that Tory scandals are about sex and Labour ones about money doesn't really hold in an era when the other dividing lines between the parties have become blurred, one thing is clear: if you really want proper scandals bring back the Liberals.

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