Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Quote of the day

This is something I wish I had said.

Politicians who are obsessed by our waistlines, hospital targets, school exam results, health and safety legislation and rationing our fun should beware. This is what Gordon Brown has missed in his quest to woo Middle England. He assumes that we are all Dursleys, desperate for drab uniformity; that no one minds living in a bossy, finger-wagging, repressive, restrictive country if we think it will be a tiny bit safer; that we feel reassured by signs over hot water taps saying “Danger” and we want to be lectured on eating five bits of fruit a day and breast feeding because we cannot be trusted to get it right ourselves.

Bravo Alice Thomson (though the idea that little Cameron will seize this argument strikes me as insanely optimistic). Really, we need more Charlie Wilsons and fewer Charlie Whelans. Should I ever stand for election, I will pledge to do all I can for wastrels, reprobrobrates and deviants.



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