Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trollied Tuesday: here we go again

It's that time of year of again, when one's thoughts turn to the equine Elysium, the punters' Valhalla that is the Cheltenham festival.

And, among the other bets on offer, Paddy Power has the customary novelty market on how many pints of Guinness will be consumed over the four days (last year it was a shade under 200,000, which is only a couple of pints per person over the four days - I blame the difficulty getting served there). While in betting terms this is just a bit of fun there is an interesting bit of boozenomics at play here. The number of Irish visitors this year could well be a factor; higher consumption could well indicate that people are feeling that they're over the worst economically speaking.

Interestingly, I heard one of the racecourse people on Radio Five Live last night saying that attendances were up this year, and said this was because at least now people knew where they stood financially. Of course, this doesn't mean either the British or Irish economies are out of the woods (they aren't), so increased consumption of Guinness at this year's event should not be taken as proof of economic health.

There are other factors that might affect the number of pints downed. Unlike last year, St Patrick's day falls during the festival (you can bet on the pints consumed on that day alone); which should raise the level somewhat. I will also be going to the festival this year, and shall try to get the level into the 250,001-220,000 band. (Then again, I've just watched an odds-on Irish " "banker" lose in the Supreme Novices Hurdle so the drinking might be somewhat subdued).


Me? I've backed the winners in the first two races so I will doubtless lose money solidly for the remainder of the festival. However, there is a horse called New Alco which looks to be decently handicapped for the William Hill Handicap. I'm not sure it will win, but it should make an appropriate Trollied Tuesday each way bet at 18/1.

UPDATE: Predictably enough, New Alco staggered home in last place, reeling like a tramp wondering why Kilburn High Road keeps moving. (My Champion Hurdle punts failed dismally too. Thankfully a winner in the last saved the day for me).

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Blogger James Wilson said...

The most admirable combination of racing and boozing must come from that greatest of all gentlemen boozers, Winston Churchill, who named a racehorse after Madam Pol Roger (first name Odette if I recall rightly; one of the three ravishing daughters of General Wallace, known in society circles of the day as the Wallace Collection). He fancied her and he enjoyed the champagne house's product. They in turn named a special vintage after him, sadly it's out of my price range as a regular purchase anyway.

4:43 pm  

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