Thursday, May 06, 2010

Here we go again

Election day. Just think, that in 24 hours' time Ed Balls could be prime minister and trying to think of a plausible way of explaining all the cuts he's only just realised he has to make to public services. Or the news channels may be replaying images of him standing blinking in front of a jeering mob as the obsequies for his political career are read out by the returning officer. I am not sure which would be better.


A chaotic, uncertain result, one that disappoints all the main parties, is to be preferred for all sorts of reasons. A painful and humiliating loss for Labour (including, of course, by the sacking of Mr Balls); coupled with no majority as punishment for the Tories' belief that they somehow are entitled to power this time round. As for the Lib Dems, it may be best for the voters not to take them too seriously this time. (Maybe then they will take the opportunity to come up with a credible programme for government).

That said, there is one advantage to the Lib Dems doing far better than expected (apart from the obvious chance of getting a better voting system). It would catapult a whole bunch of people who had no particular wish or expectation of becoming MPs into Westminster. Imagine for instance Anna Arrowsmith, porn director turned politician, becoming the MP for Gravesham; I cannot think of a better successor to Harriet Harman as minister for women and equality.



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