Saturday, July 14, 2007

You cannot hope to bribe or twist

Thank God, the British journalist.
But then there's no occasion to
When seeing what unbribed he'll do.

Two quotes:

Kim Fletcher

Certainly, those of us who had grimped their way far enough up the Telegraph ladder to get invited to those wonderful parties the prosecution made such play of, never imagined Black was paying for them himself. But then journalists are very credulous when it comes to proprietors. We like them rich and we like them bullying, and we never take the trouble to find out if they own the whole thing or - like Black - a big whack of the shares.

Translation: uncurious toadies tend to thrive.

And, via Normblog, Michael Grade:

We are in an age today where there has been a huge influx of young talent into the industry as it expands. They have not been trained properly, they don't understand that you do not lie to audiences at any time, in any show

Translation: the definition of talent is not what you might expect. We have a weakness for simplifiers and sensationalists.



Blogger Glamourpuss said...

Your perceptiveness is very refreshing.


10:55 am  

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