Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trollied Tuesday: I can't believe it's not Pimm's

It may be raining as I type this, but there is the proper springlike freshness to the air which turns one's thoughts to sunny afternoons and all the things that go with them. But before you all rush out to buy a bottle of Pimm's and all the accompaniments, I would like to urge you all to consider the merits of making your own.

Although the makers of this gin-based cocktail have colonised the English summer entirely, making your own is incredibly simple and there is an infinite reward in performing the alchemical process by which the ingredients are transmuted into the essence of sunshine, freshly cut grass and languid grace. The fact that the resulting mixture is somewhat stronger than that which you will buy in the shops may well help matters. (Of course, you can dilute it if you see fit).

Here's how to make it, anyhow.

1 part gin (a quality, but clear tasting gin is what you need here. Plymouth Gin is ideal).
1 part red vermouth (Martini's version will be fine).
Half measure of either Cointreau or Orange Curacao.

And there you have it. Then mix one part of this with three parts (four if you like it weaker) with either lemonade or ginger ale. Personally I like to use both lemonade and ginger ale in roughly equal measures.

Serve in a jug with ice. As for the trimmings, again it's a matter of taste. I think some mint leaves are a must, and would include some sliced cucumber and orange. Some also like to add sliced lemons and strawberries. This smacks of overkill to me, but there is no denying that a strawberry soaked in this mixture has a particular magic to it.

Some of you may remember a previous discussion about the Pimm's Royale. Try this with champagne and tell me you're not impressed.

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Blogger Glamourpuss said...

Is that an invitation?


2:07 pm  
Blogger bill said...

Indulge, my dear, indulge. Knock yourself out. (This is just the invitation for drinking, I think).

11:10 pm  
Anonymous Mortdecai said...

Strictly in the interests of research I'm sitting here with a tankard of you cup, Bill. This is in no way related to the fact that I am currently unemployed, and a gang of cheroot vendors seem to think a haircut beyond the limit of my abilities.

I have to say that it neither as dark nor as opaque as the proprietory brand, but I neither taste nor drink with my eyes. Mine was made with Martini Rosso, Bombay Sapphire (export strength, 47%, ouch) and Gran Marnier (Wikipedia tells me this a triple sec, but it's 40% and not a curacao). I inherited the last bottle, and I don't care for crepes suzettes so it's got to be used somehow...

Simply excellent, thank you. Outside Worst London has just started to rain. Is there any better way to beckon in May? Cin cin!

2:01 pm  
Blogger bill said...

All part of my public service remit, Mortdecai. Happy drinking.

47% gin, now that's the way to do it.

2:18 pm  
Anonymous Mortdecai said...

Bill, 47% gin is certainly interesting. This was part of a friend's army ration in Germany (2 litres gin, 2 litres whisky, 1 kg of rolling tobacco, 500g coffee, and it's a mystery the army ever fight anyone).

A fine drink, though, thank you. The Pimm's bottle shall now sit ever more on the creaking drinks shelf... The aforementioned cup offers more solace than the dole.

3:34 pm  

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