Friday, June 13, 2008

Old jokes revisited

Everytime the English thought they'd found an answer to the Irish Question, the Irish changed the question, as Sellars and Yeatman put it.

Now, with the referendum results in (Yerra, Sure, Go On: 46.6% but Down With This Sort of Thing on 53.4%). The Irish present us with a new European Question in which the correct answer changes according to whatever answer has been given previously.

Soon the European Question will become like the Schleswig-Holstein Question which, as Palmerston said:

"Only three people understood the Schleswig-Holstein Question. The first was Albert, the Prince consort and he is dead; the second is a German professor, and he is in an asylum: and the third was myself - and I have forgotten it."

Curiously, the problem was solved quite easily when the people were allowed the final say and it was accepted as binding by the great powers of the day.

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