Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There's no one as Irish as Barack O'Bamaigh

Tongue in cheek (at least I really hope so), but just the thing to sing out when Massachusetts gives its electoral votes to the Democrat.

Kenyan to Fenian it's the American way.

Still, let's indulge in another great Irish tradition and enjoy a bit of begrudgery.

1. His great-great-grandfather was from Offaly.
See this is a worry. The place does not have an encouraging track record when it comes to churning out politicians. The current taoiseach, Biffo, is an Offaly man himself, of course. And his stint in office has not been terribly successful. Frankly Kenya offers a better set of role models compared with some of the place's politicians.

2. He's as Irish as our own JFK.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy was your classic liberal elitist, you know. Far happier hob-nobbing with the English aristocracy and Hollywood stars. Anyone who prefers women to drink is not, by definition, a true Irishman. I think we'd better find out what Obama's preferences are in this matter.

3. John McCain is a true son of Ulster.
Stubborn as hell and belligerent, pretty much the archetype for the northern province of Ireland.* If even the Irish-Americans are adopting a partionist mindset towards all this then the unionists can surely say they have won.

4. Close links to a dodgy property developer.
That might be a little too much like a true Irish politician, you know.

Via, Roy Greenslade.

*NB: A small prediction. Obama will win comfortably. However, he will not take Ohio or West Virginia because Appalachia will not vote for him. Maybe it's not all about race after all, just the Scots-Irish backing their man over the Offaly man.

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Blogger Glamourpuss said...

Most excellent reasoning, Bill.


3:29 pm  
Blogger Mr Ink said...

This is right up there with John Kerry announcing that he was both Irish and Jewish - or was it the other way around? Not sure you're right about Ohio.

3:36 pm  
Blogger bill said...

Ah, but Kerry turned out not be Irish, as I recall, the name was something of an Ellis Island job.

I might be wrong about Ohio, of course, but it does seem to be stubbornly holding out for Mccain even as more states flip. If Obama takes Florida, Virginia (NOVA and increased African-American turnout should offset Appalachia), North Carolina etc it won't matter.

I'll get me anorak.

11:25 pm  
Blogger dominic said...

(more in response to the song than your analysis thereof)

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Holy Mother of God!

10:07 pm  

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