Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fits nicely in the Oval Office

I'm afraid that the following post contains nothing that can even aspire towards taste or decency.

Probably the most absurd Obama-related thing yet. The Head O State:"the official Obama pleasure toy". It is, I am afraid to say, a sex toy that looks a bit like the 44th president of the United States (so you might want to be cautious if clicking that link at work). Yours for only $34.95.

The Head O State will stand upright and last all night.

While trying not to think too much about who may buy such a thing (for a joke, right?), I can't help but wonder whether this sort of marketing would translate to other leaders.

Presumably had John McCain won the US elections it would have been possible to buy a device that could survive five years crammed in a foetid, unlit Vietnamese hole before emerging even more stiff and unyielding than before. The French president might plausibly inspire a similar device: the Super Sark-O - surprisingly small, but packed with energy and able to keep going like the Duracell Bunny. The ideal leaving present for Rachida Dati, perhaps?

But then the whole thing falls down when it comes to our own dear leader. For Gordon is, you see, an authentic cock. Incapable of functioning without Balls, one-eyed, spouting the most unpalatable guff and prone to collapsing in a heap of limp, quivering uselessness at most inopportune moments. But you'd be surprised at just what [for legal reasons this sentence must remain unfinished].



Blogger dominic said...

en route to Banbury Cross presumably?

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