Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Waiting for the Balls to drop

Politically there's very little to comment on at the moment. While we wait for Gordon Brown to be put out of our misery, it's becoming dull to point out how Majorishly hapless he is.

(For all that, this is pure cones hotline stuff; if I were planning to rob a bank - or some such crime - I'd make damned sure my accomplices were busy getting the cops to walk them home. On the other hand it might be a master stroke; think of all the lonely women or homosexuals who would love to be escorted home by a chap in uniform.)

As for MPs' expenses, there is nothing to be said that it is not a statement of the crashingly obvious: nothing can really top the comic perfection of claiming to get one's moat cleaned. It will be interesting to see what venality remains: the married couples have yet to been gone over. Until such time, may I urge you to consider this iron rule of politics:

If two Members of Parliament are married to each other, they will embody the most unspeakably ghastly aspects of their party.



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