Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trollied Tuesday: Southwold Jack

This fellow is the chap you will find on the front of bottles of Adnams. He is Southwold Jack dressed, if you should be concerned with such matters, in the uniform of Yorkist soldier.

The pictured statue stands guard over an Adnams building in the Suffolk town (I was there last week and, while I'm sure it is intolerable in the height of the summer when half the tossers in north London descend on the place, in late September it isn't half bad - for one thing Adnams is so much to the fore that the whole place smells like a freshly poured pint.)

Anyhow, you probably no more need me to convince you of the charms of the Suffolk coast than you need convincing of the merits of Adnams ales. However, should you find yourself in that area, do pay a visit to the handsome church of St Edmund. There you will see an earlier (the original?) statute of Southwold Jack; note his unshaven and red-eyed appearance. He makes a gratifyingly honest - and convincing - mascot for a brewery. The pie-eyed look of the fellow above does a similar job too.



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