Friday, January 18, 2008

So that 's what they mean

You may be familiar with the Australian term "tall poppy syndrome" – that if someone stands out too much, he'll be cut down to size.

I don't know enough about Australian society to know how widespread this is, and how much the term is used as short-hand whinge by high-profile people who are being pulled up on their shortcomings. But any doubts I had as to how it works in practice have been dispelled by the highly entertaining Corey Delaney story.

Corey, if you need reminding, was the teenager who hosted a party which culminated in 500 teenagers clashing with riot police in a Melbourne suburb and spawned lurid allegations of semi-naked teenage girls playing twister (that should boost my hits count). Global notoriety ensued.

Now, though, the police have cut him down to size.

Victoria Police said in a statement that one male had been charged with producing child pornography and creating a public nuisance, and had been bailed to appear at a children's court on February 22.

Bit of an over-reaction isn't it? Who among us has not wanted to host such gargantuan scenes of Saturnalian debauchery (at least one hack admits to a sneaking admiration). And which of us does not feel secretly enraged that it is a jumped up little bollocks seen sporting that supernally irritating sun-glasses and fur hoodie (in an Aussie summer too) combination who has managed to achieve it?

A more appropriate response is, I think, the Aussie Daily Telegraph's slap Corey game. Although personally I think horse-whipping the self-absorbed little runt would be infinitely more satisfying.

Youth. Wasted on the young.



Blogger Glamourpuss said...

He's very spotty.

And has doubtless peaked so will live a wasted life.


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