Saturday, May 24, 2008

It could be worse, Gordon II

It is possible to run a more delusionally insane campaign than the Crewe and Nantwich one, look at Hillary Clinton.

I can't really beat this headline, so I won't even try

Hillary Clinton: Why would I drop out before Barack Obama is assassinated?

She is also denying reports that she has asked Obama to make her vice-president. That's probably wise under the circumstances.

It while standing at the roulette tables at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas that I first became convinced that Obama could win the presidency.

I'll explain further in due course.

UPDATE: The Quentin Davis award for impeccable timing goes to Janice Turner for her column about why Hillary Clinton is disliked mainly for her gender. (As if there was nothing else to dislike about her). The standfirst (presumably written by someone else, but still) is particularly unfortunate:

It's dangerous for an outspoken woman in public. They'll be shot down from all angles



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll explain further in due course.

My goodness, it's annoying when people do that...

3:31 am  

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