Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mwav hab woo' canaw

The lighter side of root canal surgery. Take it from me though, you don't want to have it. Especially if it is emergency surgery carried out on a Sunday having smashed a tooth when tripping after racing to catch a bus. You will after all have to undergo this expensive and uncomfortable (and extremely painful when you have a large Hungarian injecting something into the nerve when the anaesthetic has not taken). It is the only way to end a week in which some fucker started things off by stealing your bicycle.

On the plus side, I shall be much more respectful of the touching a raw nerve metaphor in future.

I'm off to Riga tomorrow. I trust that the waters of the Baltic shall act as a sort of nepenthe or a balsam for the soul.


Blogger Quink said...

I'm surprised the anaesthetic effect of what we drank last night didn't last out for you. As I recall, two pints of Guinness in the Shillelagh, half a bottle of wine in Il Bacio, a pint of San Miguel in the Marquess of Lansdowne, a pint of Wherry in the Prince George, a pint of Ruddles in the Spurstowe Arms, followed up by at least five or six halves of Leffe in the same place. I know I couldn't feel much this morning when I finally woke up.

4:14 pm  
Blogger Glamourpuss said...

Safe trip - sounds like you really need a holiday.


1:34 pm  

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