Friday, August 29, 2008

Special Brew Saved My Life

Finally, the story to fit the headline has arrived.

Jaswant was by no means a heavy drinker but on the odd occasion when there was cause for celebration, he was partial to a Carlsberg Special Brew.

And what with all his relatives here, today certainly was a special occasion. No doubt about it. One drink led to another. And another. And slowly Jaswant wasn't in such a rush anymore.

"When his glass is empty, make sure you pour him another," his brother-in-law said to the barman. The barman duly obliged.

I've frequently heard good things about Sikh weddings and when it's a Sikh wedding in Belfast one can imagine it would be something pretty special. In this case the festive mood, which spilled over into Heathrow, caused Jaswant Basuta to miss the Pan Am flight that exploded over Lockerbie. The gods look after drunks.

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