Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Trollied Tuesday: thank goodness for that

The Government has realised that bullying drinkers isn't the wisest move when it is becoming increasing unpopular and the economy is looking so parlous.

Happy hours will not be banned and there are some other sources for cheer.

Plans to put health warnings on alcohol labels, to raise the minimum age children can drink at home and proposed rules for supermarkets to have specific check-outs for alcohol sales have all also been shelved..

Instead pubs and supermarkets will be barred from "irresponsible" promotions such as all you can drink for a set price or offers aimed at specific customers such as women under a new mandatory code for the licensed trade.

It emerged yesterday that ministers have dropped plans for a minimum price for alcohol and retailers will not be stopped from running so-called loss leaders on drink sales.

The Government is concerned that responsible, taxpaying drinkers will object to increasing costs at a time when their living expenses are already hit by the recession.

You reckon they might? Still, not being treated like idiots (apart from, you know, the whole Britain is well-placed to deal with the economic crisis which is all America's fault shtick). We should get drunk to celebrate.

Only the feckers have already gone ahead with a petty and pointless tax on beer and wine to pay for the petty and pointless VAT cut. Arse and double arse. Not a good way to win popularity.

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