Wednesday, March 25, 2009

EDW: pants and politicians

It might not be elegant, but there is something both amusing and gratifying about seeing politicians stripped of their dignity.

There is a theory that if you are nervous about addressing an audience or an individual, you should imagine them in their underwear or in the nude and your fear will vanish. Similarly, when a politician is stripped down in this fashion their authority vanishes. Certainly Irish Taoiseach Brian Cowen lost most of the tattered threads of dignity and respect that clung about his stately, plump personage when some prankster placed in two of Dublin's main art galleries a couple of pictures: one showing him on toilet, the other being the delightful image you can see on your left.

To compound the embarrassment, Cowen and his underlings over-reacted a tad. (One hears rumours which may explain why). RTÉ was forced to apologise for reporting the stunt (you may watch it here, apparently the initial report was seen as an attack on the dignity of the office of taoiseach; as if the likes of Bertie Ahern and CJ Haughey were universally revered statesmen); gardaí have, unbelievably, been called in to investigate. The reaction to this over-reaction has not been kind: but the derision and anger is well-deserved.

As it is Biffo can only aspire towards attaining the dignity and respect accorded to John Major - another failed leader in the Cowen-esque mode. It was Alistair Campbell's masterstroke to convince the world that John Major was a man who tucked his shirt into his underpants. It was almost impossible to take him seriously after that. (Oh and the Afghan hat did not help).

It takes a truly special political talent, though, to achieve this level of humiliation solely through your own efforts. Chris Bryant, now deputy leader of the commons, managed it though, when he injudiciously posted a picture of himself wearing only his underpants on Gaydar. (Here it is, if you care for such things). What a silly sod.

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Blogger dominic said...

Russia Today (that most reliable and trustworthy source), amongst other likely exaggerations of the truth, claims

"However, any hopes by the Taoiseach that the images would disappear have themselves vanished as Irish people, incensed by what they see as censorship, have taken it upon themselves to engage their own artistic talents and produce other images depicting the under-fire Taoiseach in far less flattering poses and images.

Hundreds of images have found their way onto the internet, mostly depicting Mr. Cowan in an unfavourable light, concentrating on an over-weight, thick-lipped caricature."


Do you think there could be any truth in this?

2:26 pm  
Blogger bill said...

Erm, yes. That would seem to be a fair assessment. I've also noticed people using it as their Facebook images.

Eg: Brian Cowen fat, humourless cunt

Or else this

or this

or this (an Taoiseach pissing on a gravely ill badger)


2:41 pm  
Blogger dominic said...

Ah, thanks to you I shall trust every word I read in Russia Today henceforth

2:53 pm  
Blogger Sir Compton said...

This is now a topic worthy of a leader in The Times in tomorrow morning. That'll sort it..Who Breaks a Butterfly on a Wheel?

4:48 pm  
Blogger bill said...

Aye, looks as if Fianna Fáil has lost the West Brit vote then.

6:45 pm  

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