Thursday, May 17, 2007

Man bites dog

Sometimes, just sometimes, what you think - hope, even - would be a statement of the bleeding obvious is actually newsworthy. In this case Irish Independent reports a curious defence from a clerical child abuse trial.

Priest 'more interested in betting than child'

A PRIEST accused of helping his friend to sexually abuse a young girl was more interested in gambling than children, a court heard yesterday.

It's a truly strange, and disturbing, case. One BBC report includes a suggestion the priest was having a sexual relationship with the man accused of carrying out the abuse.

PS: Nice to the see the Indo has finally joined the 21st century with its website. During my time at the Irish Examiner any suggestion that the website might possibly be a wee bit archaic fell on deaf ears. (Okay, it wasn't my responsibility, but I did make my views known.) Could someone there please take the hint now?

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