Sunday, May 27, 2007

More popularity

There's a guest post by me up at Harry's Place. Go there if you enjoy hurling brickbats. The error in the Greek is entirely due to the fact that Venichka hit the wrong key whilst I was dictating it to him. It's the way all my posts are written and it is a most unsatisfactory state of affairs. I may have to look for a new valet.

Choice insults so far:

The post is boiler-plate leftist drivel.


Despite gleaning not a little sense from Bill's stream of consciousness, I am left wondering what precisely it was that Flashman did to him. And if I knew, which party I'd sympathize with. I bet he wears his school-tie as a belt.

UPDATE: The Greek's fixed, and agreement on the unsuitably of public school teachers comes from the admirable Rowan Pelling in the Torygraph. I would, of course, have mentioned it, even were it not for the praise for the CPSA: "the funniest website of all time".

That said, I have now fallen into a reverie in which the teacher who used to delight in toying with my hair whilst telling me "What you need, Dorners, is a big black woman" is transplanted into a Hackney school.



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