Friday, July 06, 2007

Reasons why Gordon Brown is not as good as Tony Blair

The first in what may, or may become an occasional feature depending on whether I can be bothered and on boring stuff like running the country properly.

1. His contempt for sartorial matters.

2. The makers of the Simpsons don't want him.

3. Surely you've seen this by now? Another person who doesn't want him. (This too)

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Blogger dominic said...

Au contraire, never trust a man who pays too much attention to his appearance.

If he doesn't have the excuse of being a woopsie, you can be sure he will be a cad, at least.

Brown will not be led astray by pandering to idiots (by which I mean the voice of middle England more than I do Bush) as Blair.

IN short, never trust someone who cares too much about their appearance

6:30 pm  
Blogger bill said...

Wow. Wrong on all counts, I'm afraid.

For starters a man who deliberately refuses to wear black tie and a black tie event is certainly paying close attention to his appearances is deeply, calculatingly concerned with the signals he is sending out (even if he has misjudged it and comes across as a wanky student. I should know, I did that as a wanky student).

Secondly the cad always makes subtle mistakes in his appearance which a more self aware and confident man would not make: cravat, old school tie, over polished brogues, that sort of thing. Dandyism is, by contrast, a higher state of being: a high art in itself.

Third: Brown and the voice of Middle England. Please tell me you're joking - you know Dacre has been salivating over a Brown premiership (too bad his heart gave out with joy) and that a Hate Mail/Broon love-in can be expected, right?

Dacre and Brown are, of course, both puritans. These are the people you should never trust. Arrogant megalomaniacs of the sort who affect to despise the proprieties and courtesies in dress, manners and so forth which makes life more tolerable. Often as a pre-requisite to imposing more burdens on people to conform to their own standards.

8:39 pm  

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