Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Last with the news

Much scratching of heads at the puzzlement some have expressed that a bunch of medics might have been plotting mass murder in London and Glasgow.

I can't say I'm particularly surprised. Dealing with members of the public – especially the sort who demands drugs for the most trifling complaint or, rather than trusting your years of training and experience, demands you confirm a self-diagnosis made thanks to drivel found on the internet – could make anyone fly into a murderous rage. (Or at least become like the doctor so splendidly played by Hugh Laurie in House).

What troubles me is the stupidity and ineptitude of those who carried out the attacks. If it emerges that the scientific genius who was incapable of determining out the width of the doors at Glasgow airport and picking a vehicle which would pass through them – to say nothing of the fellow who couldn't even accomplish a simple task like burning oneself to death (something which hundreds of cigarette smoking drunks can do in their sleep) – then there are some very serious questions to be asked. I would not want such people operating on me. If there were carrying out a hip replacement, say, would they just pick any old hip and try and jam it in? And brain surgery? Not good.

There's the deeper stupidity too, particularly the ideology.

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