Monday, September 03, 2007

Domino effect

I can't quite match this tale of woe for comedic value, but I have suffered my own misfortune. And it's killed my laptop and left me unable to do much blogging for a bit.

The trouble started when I decided to do the washing up. There were already a few plates and pans drying in the rack so I decided to move them to make space for the new ones. As I was doing so, one plate toppled over. It knocked over a plastic bottle which as standing next to it, which then knocked over an empty glass bottle.

Which bottle then fell on the table next to it, knocking over half a can of beer, which spilled onto the keyboard. Might as well have poured glue on it, the effect is the same. (Alternatively, I could try drinking glue in future: it might provide a more effective buzz).

Still, bugger. I'll have to get a new one now. The moral is clear too: next time the dishes can fester till the next morning.



Blogger Glamourpuss said...

Poor Bill. You need a wife to take care of all that domestic malarkey for you - I believe you can get them on the interweb these days. Oh. Forgot - you're offline...


2:49 pm  
Anonymous if said...

If you want a new Mac, wait until after Jobs' announcement tomorrow. May include new Mac laptops (even if the speech doesn't, I understand new models are incoming v soon). Ian

12:24 am  
Blogger Quink said...

That'll teach you for leaving perfectly good beer undrunk and - worst of all - for not pouring it into a glass.

Hope you managed to get your stuff off the old machine, though. Let me know if not.

2:13 pm  

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