Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trollied Tuesday - Serge Gainsbourg

Why not start with one of the best adverts for drinking? It was a toss up between Serge and Winston Churchill.

I've plumped for Serge because while defeating Nazism has its merits, this video proves that drinking makes you more debonair, creative, erudite and attractive to the opposite sex, which is far more important in this context.

There is a ridiculous and vulgar phrase "beer goggles" for the process by which amateur drinkers increase the attractiveness of other people by distorting their own judgment through drink. For the true drinker it works the other way. By drinking they perform some mysterious form of alchemy by which they increase their own attractiveness to others. Despite looking, by his own admission, like someone had nailed a toad to the wall, Serge managed it with, among others, Ms Bardot. I think we can all agree this is worthy of the greatest admiration.

I'll leave you with the man's own words: "Je bois et je fume. L'alcool conserve les fruits; la fumée conserve la viande."

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Blogger Glamourpuss said...

And are you celebrating the inaugural Trollied Tuesday post by getting shitfaced, Bill?


5:55 pm  

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