Monday, November 26, 2007

And people make fun of Belgian politics

This deserves a wider audience. (Thank you to my man in - in spirit - Kyiv). Yulia Tymoshenko and her acolytes attend the opening of parliament in matching outfits which, I like to think, were inspired by Liverpool's 1996 FA Cup Final outfits.

There's something about the body language – to say nothing of the pissed-off, sour-faced demeanours – of the drones standing beneath Yulia's queen bee, that unsettles me, however. They look as if they're in the dock while receiving a heavy sentence for something pretty unsavoury. I doubt this is an appropriate image for Ukrainian politics, especially not for Yanukovych and co, but it is unfortunate none the less.

The fellow in the centre of the picture also has an unfortunate resemblance to Hugo Chavez.

Fans of modest, self-effacing politicians can find more of this sort of thing here.



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