Sunday, October 28, 2007

I know sex offenders usually get a hard time in prison, but not for this, surely?

It's natural enough to laugh at the story of the man who was convicted of having sex with a bicycle. What's not to laugh at, apart from the fact that he was doing it in private and was only caught when two cleaners unlocked the door and walked in to his hotel room.

Oh and the fact that he's been put on the sex offenders register for it. How does that work, in any case: is he banned from going within 200 metres of any bicycle shop? Could he be arrested for hanging round railway stations and colleges or any other place where there a likely to be a lot of bicycles? Is this a really poor use of the legal system and an idiotic misuse of a register designed to protect the public from genuinely dangerous people? Or is there some aspect to this case we're missing? (But just think, William, what if it was your bicycle, how would you feel then?)

So many questions. I'll leave it to finer minds than mine to ponder the last. How did he do it?



Blogger domboy said...

I couldn't get my head around this story either; makes me have second thoughts about getting a cleaner.
I once went to a book reading by Larry Rivers, and he described how he used to love having sex with his parents' red, plush chair. Nobody arrested him.

5:05 am  

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