Friday, December 21, 2007

More offensive music

Apologies if you've all heard this before; but ever since I reached the age of 25 I decided not to even try keeping up with popular music trends. I figured that things that would appeal to me would filter through eventually and that in the interim I could spend the time increasing my collection of classical music, music from other countries and so on.

It seems to be working as Harry's Place alerts me to something very fine indeed. The comment

I just watched the two videos. It's one thing for rational adults to have to endure that dirge, but there's something quite sinister about exposing those vulnerable children to his particular brand of miserablism. I don't know about myself, but I'm quite certain that Malcolm Middleton is going to die alone, and rightly so.

is an especial commendation.

We're All Going to Die by Malcolm Middleton.

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Blogger Glamourpuss said...

Most amusing.

I think it is important that young people face their mortality head on.


9:31 pm  

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