Friday, June 22, 2007

A story and a dilemma

An amusing tale (via Slugger) of how one Irish blogger became embroiled in a dispute with a baggage handling firm. His posts about led to someone, apparently connected to the company, signing him up for gay dating sites. You won't be too surprised to hear that lawyers are now involved as the company flounders desperately in the midst of a PR disaster. There's one line I'd especially like to quote but the problem I face is that it uses bad words.

Now, these words don't trouble me. In fact, I use them all the time. But others are greiviously offended by them (yeah it refers to a part of the female anatomy) and I'm unsure whether I should spring this sort of thing on my more delicate readers. I could use asterisks, but that strikes me as a cop out.

I think there is one possible way round it, however. A word that conveys the visceral contempt and so forth, but is also an easily understood and culturally appropriate synonym: lawyer. Try it, it works perfectly. (Sweaty, lawyered whore; are you calling me a lawyer? etc)

So, as Damien proudly boasts:

It seems Sky Handling Partners have called the Gardai too. They also chastised me on my use of bad language. Yes, really! How many people have ever seen a solicitor’s letter than contains the word lawyer at least three times?

Well, have you?



Blogger Quink said...

There's a difference: lawyers specialise in shafting...

9:42 pm  

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