Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh no, someone said something I don't like

I demand redress from the appropriate authorities. Here's a BBC thing about the latest Big Brother 'controversy' (which really I don't care about, but I was interested in their policy on bad words - a bit geeky, I suppose, but still...). The first frigging comment includes the phrase 'political correctness gone mad'.

Now, and I am going to swear properly here, I fucking hate that fucking phrase. Yes, there certainly are instances of it happening (remember that guy in the US who got in to trouble for using the word 'niggardly'?) but the phrase itself has become a substitute for thought, the last refuge of the brain-dead, unthinking moron and form of whining arse-holery that allows you to shoot down anything that questions your own little ratty prejudices.

Yes, I really do not like it. For now my policy is: p******** c********** g*** m**. I might throw this one out to all my caucasians and see if you have any other offensive bits of wankerishness you'd like banned.

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Blogger Quink said...

"It reminds me of Northern Ireland..."

Dreadfully annoying phrase. Really ought to be banned.

7:05 pm  

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