Friday, September 28, 2007

More of the same

Italian nuns have left quite a subversive legacy. This is thanks largely to the literary labors of Pietro Aretino, a Venetian author who is today hailed as the “father of modern pornography.” In addition to his ground-breaking book of sonnets – The Sixteen Postures, which described a string of athletic sexual positions with handy engravings – Aretino penned the classic Secret Life of Nuns, whose panting prose would not be out of place on today.

Not, sadly, something I was aware of when I wrote this. Venetian nuns seem to have been quite the party girls, a number of them were accused of "sex crimes against God".

Read more. It's always worth expanding one's stock of knowledge in this way, isn't it?



Blogger Glamourpuss said...

I have perused Aretino's work sitting at a special desk in the British Library where one's hands must remain in sight at all times. I kid you not.


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