Friday, October 26, 2007

Wouldn't go to Moldova if you paid them

Much barely restrained amusement at the resignation of the civil servant responsible for checking that public servant don't fiddle their expenses after he ran up a rather embarrassing £365,000 on foreign travel and meals.

My favourite detail:

Lady Bourn accompanied him on jaunts to the US and Brazil, but not to Moldova, Kazakhstan and Belfast.

Oh come on, Belfast, isn't that bad. In fact, as the map here shows, Lady Bourn also joined Sir John in the Bahamas, Venice, Lisbon, Paris, Berne, St Petersburg, Bulgaria and Budapest. Doubtless with such an arduous schedule, Sir John Bourn would have been glad of the support and comfort his wife offered on this trips. I hope St Petersburg taught him a few things about how to catch crooked politicians with their fingers in the till.



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