Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Guardian is running a Clerihew contest. What fun. Here are a few topical ones. As ever, feel free to pitch in yourselves.

Gordon Brown's
Perpetual frown.
Alienates voters
And makes Tories of floaters.

George W Bush
Pulls when it says push.
He made a similar error
When trying to end terror.

Giles Coren
Is obnoxious and borin'.
His over-written reviews
Induce a strong desire to snooze.

Nicolas Sarkozy
Has a brand new floozy
His Napoleon complex
Attracts the fairer sex.

Amy Winehouse
Married a louse
It would be no great surprise
If this speeded her demise.



Blogger dominic said...

Bill Dornan
Is a stranger to the morning.
People say he stays up long nights pondering over bons mots
Whereas in fact he's out to dawn with a bottle of Pernod

8:51 pm  
Blogger bill said...

Your scansion is a little out, old boy. But top marks for the rhymes.

You know Keats was criticised in his day for using "Cockney rhymes? Well you seem to have adopted "Norn Irish rhyme". (Actually it would work better with the original version of my surname Ó Dornáin, but there you go).

10:44 pm  

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